Friday, November 7, 2008

Power Struggle - All In Court Now!

SUPP's infighting has been escalated! The power struggle is now going one step further to court action.

Two party members of Namang and Dudong Sub-branches resorted to seeking court injunctions to restrain Sibu Branch and Namang Sub-branch from holding the respectively scheduled elections on the ground that the two-tier system of elections being practised is in contravention with the party constitution.

The rival team chants for a one-tier system under which all party posts are to be elected straight. If the team succeeds in court action, the judgement would have profound implications for all the party elections, including that of the TDC which is scheduled to be held in December.

In a broader perspective, the on-going court action is not just focused on Sibu. Its ultimate aim is on the TDC and the party leadership.

Let's tune in to the outcome of the injunction hearings.

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