Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sibu Versus Dudong - From Defensive To Offensive

The tussle between Sibu and Dudong is far from over. If the factious struggle takes no upheaval, then the two teams would be expected to argue in court over interpretation of the party constitution.
On the run-up to SUPP Sibu Branch elections, including that of Youth Branch and Wanita Branch, the self-declared Dudong Branch (legally the status is still only a sub-branch) took the arm-wrestling with Sibu Branch a sharp u-turn by declaring to challenge Sibu Branch's top posts.
Apparently taking the fight from being defensive initially to a more offensive role now, the Dudong team vehemently demanded straight elections to branch posts. They further disputed the composition numbers for Youth Branch and Wanita Beanch committees. On the basis of their interpretation of the constitution, they put forth their demands for changes failing which the election disputes would be taken to court for an interpretation.
The SUPP party constitution has been in use for a lengthy period. Any contradiction therein in terms of interpretation would be best dealt with by way of amendments.
WSK has apparently gained an upper hand in SUPP's factious struggle. With that, the Dudong team under the leadership of SCT is obviously caught in straits.
Therefore, the strong fight-back by the Dudong team prior to SUPP Triennial Delegates' Conference should not be a surprise.
The showdown is now getting intense!

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