Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Najib Tun Razak - Our Next Prime Minister

The premiership is now just one step away from Najib Tun Razak!

The past weekend was the climax when Najib secured 134 nominations from UMNO branches to stand for the president's post of the party.

We don't foresee in the course a change in the tune of the music. As such, Najib is now almost certain to be our succeeding PM after Pak Lah officially calls it a day.

Najib has been embroiled in controversies. Despite that, Najib has remained pretty cool-headed, fending off all issues not in his favour with wits and might.

As DPM, Najib has been playing his role well. So far he has not overstepped or strided ahead of PM. He shows to the rakyat that it is perfectly true that "Slowly, steadily win the race!"

You may have grudges against Najib, but you have to admit that so far no hurdle has stumbled him. Indeed, Najib is luckier than you have expected.


Daniel said...

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Moody’s said the ringgit was among Asia-Pacific currencies that had depreciated despite current account surpluses, the others being the Singapore dollar and Philippine peso. “Sound current accounts may have created a bottom for these currencies and they have ‘only’ depreciated by 5% to 10% since June,” Moody’s Economy.com economist Tine Olsen said in her report yesterday.

She said other currencies in the middle group had fallen because of deleveraging, while those experiencing the biggest depreciation, including South Korea, Indonesia and India, also struggled with current account deficits.

Olsen said Asia-Pacific currency markets had been driven recently by the liquidity squeeze and by current accounts as risk-averse investors moved funds from high-risk markets to safe havens to avoid losses, and also to preserve liquidity.

Tony Hii said...

daniel, thank you for sharing.