Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Heart-warming Meet With Dr. Dennis Ngien

Dr. Dennis Ngien is presently in Sibu for a brief visit to have family reunion, especially with his aged mom. The sojourn back in the hometown is tightly scheduled with time divided up for family, friends and church (for sermon-preaching). Despite the hectic schedule, he shows no fatigue at all.

Our gang managed to get Dr. Dennis Ngien to squeeze out this morning for a teh tarik meet at Cafe Palmelia of Premier Hotel ( ).

Joining us this morning also was our buddy Hock Lai who just came back from Russia for holiday. Hock Lai has been away in Russia with a conglomerate for a senior post.

Our chat over teh tarik was just marvellous. Time flew as we indulged in the Premier Hotel's flagship beverage teh tarik and the chat-away.

We hopped from one topic to another, touching on the highlights of the current session of SCAC in particular. There are certainly issues for us to reflect upon.

We wished very much to fix up Dr. Dennis Ngien for a kampua session, but his packed schedule could not allow us to chip in with another dose of hospitality.

The picture shows (left to right) Nee Meng Choon, Dr. Dennis Ngien, me, Tu Hock Lai, Tiong Toh Chiong and Wong Thien Kien. On the table is the gigantic teh tarik, the flagship beverage of Premier Hotel.

I bought this book "Gifted Response" from Dr. Dennis Ngien in support of his fund-raising for mission.

A group photo with Hock Lai. With the buddies around, laughters always abound.

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