Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DAP Sarawak Versus PKR Sarawak

DAP sarawak and PKR arawak slashed against each other in General Elections 2008 using samurai swords. This infighting in the opposirion front was proven to be costly, resulting in losing Sarikei and Kuching seats.
All eyes were on DSAI when he came here last weekend to see whether he would hint on a possible reconciliation.
But DSAI seemed to be not quite in a rush. For the time being, network building for PKR topped his priority list.
Never forget that DSAI is an astute politician.
DSAI had a fruitful weekend trip to Sarawak. At Sarikei, three independent candidates in General Elections 2008 joined PKR. They are from left Ngu Tien Hai, Kung Ching Ching and Lau Khieng Chai. (Photo: Philip Hii)

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