Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16 - What A Day To Go Through!

The build-up of the power seizure on 916 has driven Malaysians to frenzy today.

Personally speaking, I really have a nerve-racking day to go through. From casual talks to in-coming calls, 916 inevitably takes the centre stage, making the day even more exciting. Practically I have to hold breath every time a call comes in, thinking it might be some kind of breaking news relating to 916.

My nephew who is practising in KL updated me several times throughout the day on the latest scenario in the capital city. According to him, KL has been generally quiet. What is of concern is the transition of power, if a seizure does take place.

Peace is still what Malaysians hope for. If PR succeeds in forming a government, let's pray that the handover would be in good order for the sake of the nation.

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Daniel said...

I can confirm that James Masing is one of the names on Anwar's list.The rest is still up in the air.