Monday, September 15, 2008

The ISA Saga - Are They At Their Wits' End?

The use of ISA to crack down RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng shows that the think - tank of Pak Lah is at their wits' end, so to speak.

Although ISA has a wide spectrum of powers bestowed on the Minister of Home Affairs, its primary objective at the time of enactment was to clamp down on the subversive movements by the terrorists. But, somehow, the law has been widely interpreted to include reporting on facts. This sent the right-thinking Malaysians to a state of extreme shock.

To use the law absurdly on a blogger (who blogged about the dirty linen in our system), a politician (who stood up for the social justice deemed to be beneficial to all races) and a reporter (who merely reported the facts) exhibits the ugly truth that the think-tank of the government of Pak Lah is really at their wits' end.

There are available laws to subject the three to a fair trial in an open court if their acts are offensive to the nation or as alleged, detrimental to the peace and order of Malaysia.

Applying the draconian laws on the three peace-loving citizens merely makes a mockery of our system of administration.

Therefore, there is little wonder that the de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim called it a day today in his loudest protest against the ISA arrests. When Zaid Ibrahim assumed the post of Law Minister soon after the general election on March 8, he was ambitious to set the judicial system back to a good order. But the ISA saga put him off completely.


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Zaid joining PKR

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