Wednesday, September 24, 2008

China's Tainted Foods - Call For Quality Control

The systems of control in China are still backward and weak. As such, scandalous food tainting is bound to break out along the way.

When China opened up to the foreign investments and aggressively reformed its economy, the growth surged up by leaps and bounds.

But the systems of control (in all aspects from environment to quality) did not move in tandem with the economic progress. From legislation, enforcement to business ethical education, China is still far behind the more developed nations.

There is urgency for China to upgrade its quality in all aspects to win back the confidence of the world.

Likewise, for China to move higher globally, it has to painstakingly push for reformations on legal systems, enforcement and business ethical standatds, without which the progress of this Meddle Kingdom may be bogged down.

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