Tuesday, September 23, 2008

China's Tainted Foods - The Scare Is Now Widespread

The outbreak of the tainted milk scandal in China has been frontpage news in most of the local Chinese dailies. The food scare has now been spread to this part of the world, with several milk products being listed for official suspicion watch. Inevitably, it cast a chill over the nation since Chinese food products are popular here. All of a sudden, we are vulnerable to this latest hit of tainted food scare.

This is not the first time China ran into quality scandal which took the nation under the global limelight.

The present taint issue is of grave concern to the world at large since China is powering the global growth with its gigantic capacity both to consume and manufacture. Any scandal of this nature which is deemed detrimental to the nation's economic progress certainly would rattle loud.

China's rise has raised the global eyebrows. The nation has now surpassed U.S. to be the largest importer of a few Asian nations' exports. As such, a shock like the present food scare coming from China would unsurprisingly draw the global attention.

Is China particularly prone to this nature of scandal? Or is it the developmental hiccup that an upcoming emerging market like China has to go through before full blooming?

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