Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Threshold Crossed

Right from the start after Dr. Wan Azizah vacated her seat to pave way for DSAI to make a comeback, both BN and PR geared up to fight for vote margin.

DSAI aimed a bigger majority to boost PR's morale. BN, on the other hand, schemed with all the might to dilute Anwar's vote margin to give PR a setback.

This political game had a predictable outcome - a sure win for DSAI, in any event. The only tussle was on how the landslide would be like.

Ideally, DSAI's win should surpass that of Dr. Wan Azizah in terms of majority in order for him to strive forward with a strong backup in his struggle for political reform.

But, considering the advantageous position BN would be in in a by-election, a lesser majority would be understandable and tolerable.

Working on a 75% voting rate, Anwar's really needed a support equivalent to 60% of the votes in order to stay convincing. This was translated to a majority of 10,000 votes.

So, a 10,000-majority was the threshold set for DSAI to cross in his pursuit for a reform-driven struggle.

Any win with a lesser majority than the threshold would demoralize PR to a certain extent and make Anwar less forceful in his political command.

Now, with a strong 15,671-majority, DSAI has effectively amassed sufficient political capital to take off to a new height1

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