Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh By-Election - Anwar Won By A landslide

The unofficial result had it that DSAI won the by-election by a landslide with a majority of 16,210 votes, surpassing that of Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail recorded on March 8 by 2,322 votes.

The astounding win gave a much-needed boost to PR in its pursuit for reform-driven developments for Malaysia.

The whopping majority has grave political implications for both BN and PR. To BN, the electorate made it explicitly clear that the long-time communal politics is not receptive to them anymore. This is especially far-reaching since the constituency is 64% Malay-majority. To PR, the voters gave a pat on the back to drive further for reform.

Lying in the immediate front is time for BN to ponder over its policies resulting in rakyat staying aloof from the Front.


Anonymous said...

Are you involved in tampering with your electricty meter so that you dont get charged for the extra kilowatts you put in?I know out of 10 households in Sibu,6 of them actually do that.That put more burden to other consumers who do not resort to that tactic when SESCO increases their electricity tariffs.
My sources told me that BPR has begun their investigation into SESCO regarding this matter.A report has been filed too about SESCO insider job/corruption.

Daniel said...

Do we really have a choice?
The people of Permatang Pauh rather elect a homosexual like Anwar to be their Member of Parliament.On the other hand,if they vote for BN,clearly they are giving their support to a liar,adulterer,murderer like Najib Razak.
We do have a choice.We can always boycott the election if we stand united and shame both parties.
But bottom line is....it all comes down to the money....it's all about that money....about that money money yeah yeah...that money money ..yeah eayh

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, I pay for every watt of power I consume truthfully. It is time to get down to this social ill!

daniel, it is again this money politics......

Daniel said...

any ideas when the froggies are gonna cross over?
Lompat si katak lompat...

Tony Hii said...

daniel, anytime from this moment.