Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UMNO-PAS Talks - Malaysia Moving One Step Backwards

Of late UMNO and PAS met to rub shoulders with each other. This caused quite a stir in the component parties of both BN and PR. It was certainly not unexpected.

UMNO put them under the clout of "Malay Unity" , hoping to tone down the whole highly catchy show. But the public at large pierced through with their sharp eyes.

The 12th GE took Malaysia one step forward in political maturity, breaking the nation away from the prevalent racial politics. The election really ushered in a new era of politics, from that of a single-front system to that of a two-front system. The nation witnessed for the first time the fading of the predominant ethnic elements in the local politics. Emerged instead was a stronger Malaysian notion.

Therefore, UMNO-PAS talks initiated by UMNO was viewed as back-pedalling, working towards taking Malaysia back to race-based politics.

This nature of talks should really be broad-based Malaysian politics, and not narrowly ethnic-based racial politics.

The so-called talks are not expected to be fruitful other than causing a stir in the grouping of PR.


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Thanks for your comment. God bless

Daniel said...

UMNO-PAS they all have the common traits...talking about Islam but in their heart,they are all corrupted.That's why I believe that Muhammad is so stupid that he didn't even realise that the Devil was talking to him.The difference in Quran and Torah/Bible are Devil's talking.You heard of the term Satanic Verses?Muhammad retracted some of the earlier scriptures of Quran as he claimed that Gabriel informed him that it was the Devil who did the talking.Now,how can he be sure that the rest of the Quran are not Devil's word?Jihad is definitely pure evil.

Tony Hii said...

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