Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kopitiam Talks On Issues Of Great Concern

The alleged sodomy charge against DSAI and the imbroglio involving Teregganu over Proton/Mercedes tassle have emerged the hottest kopitiam talk in Sibu.

The blah over kopi-o shows the public concern over the national issues of grave implications to the integrity of our system of government.

The alleged sodomy case took dramatic turns, from the arrest of DSAI by some masked special force before the due time to show up to the surfacing of a medical report pointing to zero trace of sodomy on Saiful Bahari. All eyes are now on the next course of action by our police upon the emergence of a contradictory evidence.

The imbroglio of Proton/Mercedes exposed worrisome loopholes in our administration. Certainly more transparency is very much desired.

Malaysia in its efforts to open up to more foreign investments has to have creditable international standing. A transparent, trustworthy and professional system of governance would put Malaysia on a firmer footing to stand tall internationally.


ANson said...

The Conclusion is: "Malaysia Boleh"

Anson said...

The Conclusion was: "Malaysia Boleh"

Tony Hii said...

anson, you hit at the right spot!