Monday, July 14, 2008

Heavenly Melody Singers - They Are Moving On!

It was a pleasant brief meet with Heavenly Melody Singers at the lobby of Premier Hotel before the group embarked on an onward journey to Kapit where they are going to similarly share the love of Christ through music.

The occasion was really a rarity. As such, it gave me excitement to come into face to face with a group whose melodious hymns stay on as living sound of music. Heavenly Melody Singers has been my inspiration spiritually ever since I came across the group more than twenty years ago.

I had a short chat with Pastor Wesley Hsu over their concert tours and experiences in this field of service. They are appreciative to the passionate Sibuians who have made them feel extremely homely.

As they moved on to their next destination, I wished them all the best.

Heavenly Melody Singers radiated warmth and happiness as they posed for a snapshot in the lobby of Premier Hotel.

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