Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heavenly Melody Singers - Held By His Great Hand

Heavenly Melody Singers is presently on a tour of Satawak giving live concerts at various destinations. The group was in Sibu on July 12 for an open-to-all evening evangelical concert at Sibu Civic Centre.

Heavenly Melody Singers is popular locally and it has all the charisma to draw in crowds to its concerts. By a rough head-count, the evening concert pulled in approximately a crowd of 3,000, making the evening an astounding success.

Themed "Held By His Great Hand", the live musical concert was evangelical in nature with the aim to get across the gospel to the audience.

Heavenly Melody Singers was established in 1963 in Taiwan by Doris Brougham and Laland Haggerty with the mission to evangelise through music.

Over the years, they have left footprints in different parts of the world and their melodious hymns have touched the hearts and soothed the souls of counrless people. Precious lives have been saved through their preaching of the gospel, making it a lot more meaningful in their mission.

Looking into the future, Heavenly Melody Singers is set to continue to be guided by a mission-minded focus and a goal of professional excellence.
With God's guidance, the group's prayer is to continue fulfilling the mission of sharing the good news of Christ's love.
Through their music, they aim to touch more souls within the Chinese community throughout the world.

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