Tuesday, July 8, 2008

European Tourists - Sibu On The Map of Global Tourism

(1) Exotic 23-day Borneo Tour

Sarawak fascinates the outside world with its diverse culture and ethnic groups. And the exotic settings of our nature take the tourists to an eye-opening trip. Our adventure tourism is in no small way less comparable to other tropical destinations.

This group of German tourists are on a 23-day tour of Borneo. They told me the tour is a marvellous experience.

Arriving Sibu on July 3 for a one-night stop-over, they only had a brief excursion to the town. The next destination after Sibu is Bintulu where they have more exciting programme.

I shot them before they embarked on their land journey to Bintulu.

(2) South-East Asian Tour

These Polish tourists are on a 14-day South-East Asian holiday covering Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, and Sibu is their last stop.

They landed Sibu on July 6 for a 2-night-3-day stop-over. The ground-handling was handled by Frankie Ting who guided the group to Bawang Assan for a longhouse visit.

Before they left for airport to fly back to Poland, I took a snapshot of the group with Frankie Ting.

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