Monday, July 7, 2008

Environmental Rapes

Rapes of the Malaysian environmental ecosystems have been happening over the years.

There are wide fears that this sort of woe is going to impact our country's ecotourism adversely.

Worrisome rapes on our marine, island archipelagoes, mangroves, wetlands, lowland and forests have negative effects on tourist arrivals.

Notable concerns are mostly spotted in the tourist destinations in west Malaysia. But Sarawak is not spared of this nature of environmental rapes.

Take the example of our mighty Rajang River which otherwise would be a tourist potential if not because of its polluted conditions.

All developments certainly have a cost factor to involve. But with some thoughtful planning in environmental protection and conservation, costs could be minimised to the absolute advantage of the nation.

Pollution and environmental rapes are costly, socially and economically speaking. Laxity in enforcement could cost the nation to pay a heavy price for it. Malaysia has countless of cases on record of envitonmental rapes involving huge hidden and opportunity costs.

We may lose out to our competitors in tourism if our tourist potentials continue to be raped environmentally.

The above three pictures were taken in Sibu on July 5 late afternoon. The scene was quite terrific as the thick smoke engulfed the sky. I don't know for sure the source and purpose of burning. Since there was no news of fire outbreak, so the smoke could be from some kind of land clearing. If that was the case, then the act was quite environment unfriendly.

Maybe this is the price we have to pay for developments. What do you reckon?


Daniel said...

that looks like an aurora to me.
have u seen aurora before?the northern light.
the solar cycle is very active now.

Tony Hii said...

Daniel, I have not had an opportunity yet to see aurora borealis (the northern lights). You are trying to raise a point here. Would you elaborate a bit more for sharing?

Bengbeng said...

on my part i have stopped burning garden refuse since a few years ago. if BCF is any yardstick to measure tourism. i am afraid,we havent been very successful

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, BCF still remains an event with only local visitors. SMC has to work hatd to get it across the international level.

rubberseeds said...

That fire raped on for a few days. Two evenings we actually could see and smell the smoke in town.If it was from land clearing, the owner would just report as "wild fire" and he could get away with any punishment and fine.

Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, we have had too much "wild fire" already!