Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil - Talk Of The Day

Oil is the talk of the day in Sibu!

From the briefing session in the morning to the afternoon tehsi break in kopitiam, oil occupied the centre stage.

The price surge of such a magnitude has far-reaching effects on consumers. Soon to take off would be our CPI. Quite obviously, the consequential impact would be on the ordinary folks!

It is little wonder that almost everyone I bumped into today blurted out his worry about the heightened fuel cost.

Inflation seems to keep us on the toes!

I just penned off an article on the explosive inflation besetting the emerging economies for inclusion in The Methodist Message. After publication, I shall blog it for the benefits of those who are Mandarin-literate.


Anonymous said...

Rich people have no problems. Those who are not called rich. They are the ones who are angry with the government. Mind you. Sarawak is not filled with all the rich people.

Rice increase. Electricity increase. Food increase. Everything increase.

Salary no increase.

Anonymous said...

It's time to leave Malaysia...I am packing my stuffs...and leave tomorrow.To those who stay behind,I can only say good luck.The future looks bleak for Malaysia under those stupid Malay jackasses pigs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, we should not leave Sarawak. We should ask Orang Barat (West Malaysian) to leave our Country (Sarawak). We are now colonised by Orang Barat. Sarawak petroleum is enough for another 100 years if not "sent" to be spent by West Politician. All the petronas profits that use for development-more than 50% masuk the pocket of politicians and their cronies.