Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel Price - Now On Free Floating Basis

The market talks have had it right - our fuel price is going for free floating and it rockets immediately to RM2.70 per litre. Goodness, it is a whopping 40% jump.

The news serves a blow to consumers at large who have already been badly squeezed out by the rising food prices.

You may ask: Dude, do you see any likelihood of reversion ahead of us?

There is slim chance, except when the oil price bubble goes bursting internationally.

The international funds have been going into a betting frenzy on oil price. That wild speculations have driven up the international oil price, leading to a probable formation of price bubble.

But don't bet too much for the ugly bubble to burst!


Anonymous said...

Better fill your petrol tank before 12 midnight.

巴尔尼老爹 said...

Over here in Bintulu, even you queue up there, it still may end up with "Out of Stock", I guess....long queue along all the fuel stations tonight, starting from 7pm. I heard Sibu also has such situation...

Anonymous said...

government mismanaged PETRONAS money.This money can be used for subsidize.Malaysia is not a net importer of oil,so some form of subsidy is needed.I am packing my bag and leaving MAlaysia.Malaysia under the rule of those stupid Malay pigs certainly heading towards bleak those who choose to stay behind,good luck

Bengbeng said...

even if th epriice of oildrops, the price of all other items will remain after the price surge upwars which is already on the cards