Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Creation Band With The Press Friends

This morning we called in the local press friends to cover the publicity of New Creation Band.

I made it less stereotyped - in fact, I threw it open to turn the press release into more of a chit-chat session. A formalised press meet is too rigid and it makes everybody feel restrained and under stress.

Tess, Anne, Ricky, Jen and Nice had had a good time chatting away with Roger (Eastern Times), Betty Lau (United Daily), Lai Wei Ping (Sin Chew Daily), Gaing (The Borneo Post) and Ling (See Hua Daily).

To the press friends - thank you for the wonderful press session.

The picture shows New creation Band at the meet-the-press session.

The picture shows Roger of Eastern Times chatting away with the band members.
The picture shows Ricky taking questions from the press friends.
The picture shows Roger posing with Tess, Jen, Ricky, Nice and Anne for a shot after the press release.

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