Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Economic Trends As I See Them

I started contributing on regular basis articles on economic trends to The Chinese Methodist Message way back in 2001.

As I blogged before, The Chinese Methodist Message is a de facto official publication of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, in Mandarin on fortnightly basis. It has a sister periodical "The Connection" which is published monthly in English.

Upon earnest invitation by Meng Lei, I started penning twice monthly for the message and the first article came out on February 15 2001 in issue No. 466.

Through these years, I have published not less than 150 articles on contemporary economic issues affecting locally, regionally and internationally.

The latest one appears in issue No. 689 dated May 18 2008 touching on the medium to long-term prospects of gold.

The article is pasted herewith for the benefits of those who are Mandarin-literate.

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