Friday, April 18, 2008

My Home Minigym

Sidney has quite a lot of excesses to trim off and I have to exercise harder to prevent from getting fleshy - all these call for more strenuous workout to sweat off.

These two lovely exercise bikes have taken me through years of daily keep-fit schedule. Outwardly old as they appear to be, the bikes function fantastically well and they work wonder for the flabby ones.

But this sort of stationary bike is fearsomely monotonous. Boredom sets in fast and unless you are persistent and strong-willed, you might get down as quickly as you get up to it.

I have to put on hot music to drive me on - and it works well. The whole workout has become a lot more interesting and the fearsome boredom is killed off.

Exercising together with Sidney is such a fun! We simply drive each other on to burn off that extra calories. It's a fabulous family time together through working out!


Mee Ling said...


Tony Hii said...

mee ling, thank you for your encouragement!

Bengbeng said...

do it while watching tv or reading papers or something :)