Friday, April 25, 2008

Local Fruits - Their Prices Are Catching Up Fast

The food inflation is now a global phenomenon and the crisis of it is sweeping across the whole world like a silent tsunami.

At the local front, we have not been spared of and the spiralling food prices have hit hard on the ordinary folks.

local fruits are perhaps one of the latest food stuffs that creep into the market with prices substantially jacked up.

Only at the start of the year, Pisang Sarawak was retailed at RM1.20 per kg. But about two days ago, a fruit dealer told me the price is now prevailing at RM2.00 per kg., quoting the priceier fertilizers as one of the main contributing factors.

The above represents a whopping 70% increase in prices, substantial by any standard to Sibuians.

It seems that the local fruits are fast catching up the imported ones in terms of pricing. In no time we may be forced to consume more imported fruits to fit in our tightening budgets!


Bengbeng said...

in my own way, i have been cutting down, we eat out less now and substitute costlier fruits for cheaper fruits etc etc etc. it is a necessity nowadays or we might overspend or go beyond our budgets :)

Tony Hii said...

bengbeng, you are a smart consumer! I fully agree with you.