Thursday, April 24, 2008

Datuk Dr. Soon Choon Teck's Deviated Stand

It came out in a local Chinese daily today, but it might have slipped the attention of a lot of readers since the news item has been relegated to a less prominent coverage.

Datuk Dr. Soon Choon Teck yesterday declared an open support for UCA on its stand on dredging Rajang River to alleviate the flooding problem.

This might easily be construed as just nothing more than Datuk Dr. Soon seeing dredging as a solution in Sibu perspective.

But if you hook it up with Dudung's stand-off with SUPP's Sibu Branch, then you may smell something fishy.

Soon apparently deviates from the stand of Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh. In the spirit of SUPP, Datuk Dr. Soon is supposed to maintain a common stand with Datuk Seri Wong to show unity within the party.

Choon Teck clearly sought to capitalise on the sticky dredging issue by siding with UCA. This highly political move is to win the affection of the Chinese community.

In politics, it is perfectly appropriate to be a vulture. Again, it depends on how you go about playing the games.

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