Monday, March 31, 2008

Qingming Festival - A Major Chinese Festival

Qingming Festival (or Ching Ming Festival) is a traditional Chinese festival falling on April 4 of the Gregorian calendar this year.

Also known as Grave Sweeping Day in English translation, Qingming's significance lies in the cultutral value of the filial piety that Chinese have been upholding for centuries. This attachment is so deep- rooted that Qingming has been traditionally regarded as a major festival.

On Qingming Day, young and old go to their ancestors' grave sites to pay tribute to them. This fine custom has been well preserved by Chinese throughout the world.

In Sibu, Qingming festival is fast taking over Chinese New Year as an occasion of reunion for families.

Some 15 years ago, my recollection tells me that the Sibuians who settled on outstation used to come back for family reunion on Chinese New Year.

But the scenario took a gradual turn about 10 years ago when Qingming fast caught up in significance as an occasion for family gathering.

Qingming has, therefore, been a festival for Sibu market to bustle with crowds.

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