Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bursa Malaysia - Cautiously Optimistic In The Week Ahead

Last week's trading saw Bursa Malaysia bucking the trend. Against the gloomy market sentiment in the States, the local bourse advanced with an impressive gain.

The bullish sentiment last week was driven by window-dressing activities by the fund managers. This season-end dressing up provided a short- term impetus for the market.

With the curtain drawn, the heightened mood is predicted to subside. On top of that, the market shall witness no fresh leads in the coming week. As such, Bursa Malaysia is not expected to give surprises. Ahead of us shall be a week of correction to consolidate KLSE. Be prepared, therefore, for uncertainty-bound trading days in the week to come.

Although KLSE surged last week, the uptrend has been held to be unsustainable. Stay cautiously optimistic in your trading for a simple reason that Bursa is still risk-bound.

The external shocks and the internal uncertainty in political scenario shall swing our market with no mercy.

All the best in your trading.

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