Tuesday, March 11, 2008

General Election 2008 - Race-based Politics Versus Multi-racial Politics

Malaysian politics has been treading along race-based line since 50s. In other words, communalism has been the established framework of our political system, with racial groups consolidated under their respective parties to safeguard their interests.

The 12th GE saw a divergence from this deep-rooted political line. Although at this juncture it is far too early to be conclusive, the trend does signify a wider perception by the electorate of a non-communal political line.

Besides DAP, PKR's multi-racial approach has proven to be appealing to the voters of all races in the election.

The breakaway of Malay votes from UMNO sent a clear message across the nation, that the communal line in politics in this new era may not necessarily work like it did in the past 50 years in Malaysia.

The voters' perception may have moved away from the previous narrow-based communalism to the broad-based multi-racialism.

Presently it is still very much at an infancy stage. I hope it is going to progress well.

The picture shows Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference after the election.


Anonymous said...

Yup. If it is not race based, then there will not be an UMNO for the Malays only, MCA for the Chineses only, MIC for the Indians only. All these years we have been cheated. Yet we are blind. But Sarawak prefers to remain blind. Strange but true that some UMNO members are not Malays.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is a gay/bisexual.Do you want such people to be your leader?Come on people...

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous number 2 : it was a trumped up charge that was based on a trial that was the joke of the world and brought ridicule on our judicial system.

1.the victim wasn't even checked if he was sodomized.
2.there wasnt even a medical examination.
3.the whole circumstances of the whole affair was suspicious as it was convenient to get rid of him when his power was on the upswing and the incumbent was losing support.
4.the offenses were alleged to have happened in a building at a time when it wasnt even ready for occupation. the O.C. wasnt even issued.
5.the prosecution had to change the dates of the offenses again and again to its shame.
6.the mattress supposedly the evidence got 'lost' while in police custody.
7.the 'alleged victim' even denied in court it happened but the judge refused to accept the denial.

Now with new revelations from the Lingamgate inquiry.. don't u even harbor a doubt that the trail was biased? even the corruption charge...read it up please before you make baseless comments.

This is the reason the voters of Malaysia have decided to vote for opposition in droves. They want to see a transparent government where fairness and justice prevails for all and not a select few.

You got your 'facts' from the media? Which media? Whose side are they on? You have seen the coverage on the Tv, radio, and newspapers. Did they reflect the reality or were u stunned by the results? Do still believe in the media?

Please read up and talk facts and not make baseless allegations

Anonymous said...

I agreed Anonymous No.3 that we must not solely believed in waht he hear and read blindly. I suppose that you won't believe that you sister was a lebian or brother was a gay when somone told you though you believe they are not. Unless you are sodomised by Anwar then thats fact.