Wednesday, March 12, 2008

General Election 2008 - A Coalition With Contradictory Ideologies

PKR, DAP and PAS made a wonderful pact to pose a challenge to BN in the 12th GE - and it worked fantastically well.

Although the three opposition front parties had contradictory ideologies, they humbled and cast aside all ideological differences during the election campaign. As such, the coalition avoided all slashing or casting slurs against each other. Equally beautiful was their consensus on seat arrangement, thus paving way for straight fights without dilution of force.

The smart partnership carried the coalition through with astounding success never expected of by anybody.

There is this question now of how well the front might be able to work together. The contradictory ideological stand over an islamic state would certainly make DAP and PAS awkward in their working relationship.

Two days ago,YB Lim Kit Siang made it clear with affirmation that DAP is to abide firm by its stand on anti-islamic state.

It is definitely an issue of concern to all Malaysians now with the changed political climate.

The picture shows YB Lim Guan Eng being sworn in as the 4th Chief Minister of Penang yesterday.

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