Monday, February 4, 2008

Trip To Kuching - tHe Spring

Before we embarked on this trip, we were already very much drawn on the two latest additions in Kuching. Dwelling in my mind was the fancy of the two malls which are still in the lime-light.

tHe Spring is splendid in its outward look. The moment I entered its basement carpark, I was deeply impressed by its orderly layout and gigantic capacity. I gave a thumb up to the planning.

The mall's ambience is just wonderful. It instantly gives a sense of comfort to shoppers. The spacious interiors make shopping completely enjoyable in a grand setting.

tHe Spring apparently positions itself to go upmarket. From posh designs to brand-oriented concept, it aims to capture the high-end consumers and tourists. It has redefined shopping comfort for consumers in Kuching.

It was a great time hanging out there before we ended up in tHe Spring Food Bazaar for our dinner.

The picture shows the posh interiors - Has Kuching got sufficient market for tHe Spring? Take my question as a food for thought!

tHe Spring Food Bazaar - Take my words, quality is definitely the word there.
I ordered Mediterranean Grilled Fish Fillets - it was yummy!


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Sarawakians who have not been to the developed world. So these rich people bring something there to here and sort of introduce the world to the people who might not have the chance to travel very far off. Of course, they do make some business. Adding to this, the foreigners would be assured that Sarawak is not a hostile primitive place. Therefore all these classy supermarkets including Delta Mall are privately owned by big corporate players, if not the business would not survive. Not all Sarawakians have that kind of money. But since the government is telling us that Malaysia is doing well, then the people should be getting a lot of money.

bengbeng said...

benghui said for me to bring him to eat this fish and chips..he doesnt understand Kch is so many hrs away by land.

Yan said...

Hi, Tony, dropping by to wish you and your family a blessed Chinese New Year.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, in business it is important to be a market leader. tHe Spring has set a fine example. As I have said, tHe Spring redefines shopping comfort.

Bengbeng, bring benghui to Premier Hotel and let me buy him a drink.

Yan, thank you for your new year wish.

Bengbeng said...

thanks.we will take u up on yr offer....sonner or later :)

happy new year to u and yr family. i assume u will b back by the reunion dinner :)