Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip To Kuching - Boulevard Shopping Complex

From tHe Spring we moved on to Boulevard Shopping Complex. On the day of its opening, it caused a big stir in Kuching. I learned that the traffic was jammed for miles long on that day.

Boulevard Hypermarket made a mark in Miri where it gave a wholly new shopping experience. It is timely for it to spread its wing to Kuching and build inroad into the market.

A truly hyprtmarket, Boulevard has a double-levelled basement carpark to accommodate the hypervolume of shoppers. It essentially aims at the broad-based domestic consumer market with competitive pricing and wide merchandise range. Boulevard is, therefore, appealing to a very broad sector of the local market.

In the hypermarket, I was amazed by the streams of shoppers. The traffic flow was congested and non-stop, making the whole place so very bustling.

I believe Boulevard has all the criteria to make another mark in Kuching.

Boulevard Hypermarket - it aims to be a market leader.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. The next time I am in Kuching, I am sure to visit this place, that is if nothing stops me.