Tuesday, February 12, 2008

General Election 2008 - Pak Lah In Sibu - A Dinner With Rakyat

BN Sibu hosted a dinner in conjunction with the visit by our PM at Sacred Heart Mill Hill De La Salle Centenary Hall in SMK Sacred Heart.

It was a grand occasion with the top personalities as guests. I took it as a great honour to be invited by UCA Sibu Branch to the function.

The event as a whole was orderly with some hiccups which could have been foreseen by the organisers.

The traffic on the way to SMK Sacred Heart was jammed in a mess. Adding fuel to the flames was the coinciding knock-off time of the school at 6:25pm.

What upset me was a lack of thoughtful planning. The traffic control and the school hours could have been better co-ordinated to ease the situation.

The centenary hall was laid with around 120 tables. The dinner was catered for by Malay community and comprised of authentic Malay foods. We all thought that we had to take with our bare hands as no utensils were provided initially.

The dinner was scheduled to start after PM's key-note address. But at 9:20pm after CM had delivered his lengthy speech, it was already very much past the usual dinner time. Owing to burning hunger, quite a lot of guests became unrest and started buzzing. Seeing this, the organisers called the dinnerto start ahead of the schedule.

Sibuians have a lot to beef up here. After dinner, it was shocking that close to 30% of the guests had left with little regard to PM who was soon to be on stage to speak to rakyat. This aspect of etiquette is sadly still lacking.

The dinner function concluded with the guests lining up to send Pak Lah off.


BigBro said...

You think our Rob Lau will get a Tun title for this ?

Tony Hii said...

bigbro, Datuk Robert Lau would have to work even harder!

Anonymous said...

I honestly dont have respect for Abdullah.He says this and does another things.Malaysia has no future...that's why I am leaving for America.

Ah Bong said...

If i were there i woud be among the 30%. How do you respect some one who has only respect for himself and his own vested interests? I once supported him. In the light of recent events, he has lost all credibility as a national leader.