Wednesday, February 13, 2008

General Election 2008 - Now Whistling Loud And Clear

Pak Lah's visit to Bintulu and Sibu was like a whirl sweeping through, leaving behind with both conceptually irresistible treat and buzzing speculations on 2008 general elections.

SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) is certainly very alluring, giving Sarawakians a hopeful outlook for the economy of the state. It is a long-term planning, with the objective to spur on the growth in future. At the moment, it is only a concept on the drawing-board. Its take-0ff and implementation require concrete follow-through.

Some are sceptical about all the corridors, saying Malaysia is infamous for projects to come and go with leader. To certain extent, there is substance in the claim.

But I tend to be futuristic, hoping the future would be better in the hands of Pak Lah. Certainly, I can't be too optimistic also, considering the realistic circumstances we are all in.

Pak Lah is obviously not perfect. But he has set a fine example in working hard to improve the nation. It is true that Malaysia is still abound with shortcomings, but Pak Lah has been taking positive steps to take them up as they come along. Look at MAS, it is now flying high with colours in a matter of less than three years.

Election whistling is clearly getting louder and louder. Time for us to exercise our rights as a citizen individually is drawing near.

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