Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chu San - The Third Day of Chinese New Year

I was off for Chinese New Year on Chu Yi and Chu Er only. The leave was sufficient for a good break.

My Chu San was planned out to be fully occupied. I devoted the morning to work. At noon time after work, I went with some colleagues to our GM's residence for a visit. Thereafter, I reserved the afternoon for Allen who planned to go out with his buddies on new year visits. Earlier on, I agreed to drive them around.

It was a wonderful time for Allen and his clique. Their blah seemed to be non-stop. When I acted as their chauffeur, I felt enlivened by this group of youths.

In the evening, I went with Yian to a new year dinner thrown by Mr. Hii Hua Hii, Chairman of Gao Yang Xu Association Sibu, at his residence. Hua Hii has a fine character of hospitality which is most admirable.

The buffet dinner was laden with a sumptuous serving of popular local hot dishes and desserts. On the whole, it was a jovial gathering with satisfying foods.

The picture shows Allen with his buddies: (seating, left to right) David,Willis,Joo Yew; (standing, left to right) Allen, Sing Hong, Chan Lik.


Mee Ling said...

Wow, you are such a nice "uncle"!!

Tony Hii said...

mee ling, it was a nice time to be with them.