Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year - 1st Day (Chu Yi) And 2nd Day (Chu Er)

I kicked the new year off by cutting a Pineapple Cheese Cake to celebrate my birthday. Yian came out with her own recipe and the cheese cake tasted luscious. Cheese cake has been my favourite and Yian's Pineapple Cheese Cake is truly my love!

Chinese New Year is traditionally a festive season of joy and well-wishing. It has been customary for relatives, friends and business associates to intervisit during the season.

This tradition of open house has been pretty well preserved in Sibu. On the first two days of Chinese New Year, there were traffic jams in residential areas arising from new year visits.

The first two days took me from Upper Jalan Salim to Sg. Empawah to visit my sisters, brothers, and relatives. It was hectic but fun-filled going around well-wishing and chatting away.

At my second elder sister's place, we were treated to long-life noodles in chicken soup. It was a wonderful meal and the time we spent there was great.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. It must be a joyous occasion as that is also a Chinese New Year day.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, thank you.

tumi said...

Hai, Tony, happy new year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

Bengbeng said...

Happy Birthday

cibol said...

happy birthday! And happy Chinese new year to you too

Tony Hii said...

Tumi, bengbeng and cibol,

Thank you for your wishes.

Hi, cibol, your blog is impressive.

Mee Ling said...

I hope you don't mind my belated Happy Birthday to you!

So "jealous" of your good relationship among your families. :P It's really a big blessing!!

Tony Hii said...

Thank you, mee ling.