Sunday, February 24, 2008

General Election 2008 - Steamy Heat On The Nomination Day

The 12th Parliamentary Election is set to take off with nerve-racking excitement with the closure of nominations this afternoon.

As speculated, DAP stays adamant on seats that are viewed as cream. Seat talks landed in complete breakdown, making three-cornered fights inevitable.

In Stampin and Sibu , DAP and PKR are going to battle fields hurling at each other furiously, giving SUPP everything to gain from the conflicts.

Right from the start, pessimism ruled over me about the so-called reconciliation. Over the years, DAP has built up deep-rooted influence in Chinese-majority areas. As such, in principle,
it perceived little or no convincing ground to let go any of the 7 seats to PKR which has very scanty presence in Chinese areas.

By staying firm on seats, DAP runs the risks of split of votes. This may prove to be disasterous in a narrow fight.

Staying united as a strong opposition front is still the best policy for DAP and PKR.

Sarikei is in the limelight in this election with stunning five-cornered fights. As predicted, it is going to take all political watchers on the heels of its happenings.

Miss Kung Chin Chin and Mr. Ngu Tieng Hai are standing as independents to give a head-on strike to Dr. Wong Hua Seh, a DAP candidate. Mr. Lau Kian Chai joined in the crowded fight for no obvious cause other than to serve the rakyat.

The mess in Sarikei constituency is a tough test on political maturity for the electorate there. They should take wits, not emotions, to the polling stations.

The pictures show Miss Kung Chin Chin and Dr. Wong Hua Seh.


Anonymous said...

Afterall it is not bad for DAP in Sibu, to have PKR coming to take away some Malay votes from the BN! You will see

Tony Hii said...

PKR has negligible influence among Malays in Sibu.