Monday, February 25, 2008

General Election 2008 - Racial Politics In Malaysia

The clout of racial politics in Malaysia is getting more prominent. Much as we wish to shake it off and put on a gown of politics along non-racial line, it is just not practical in the present circumstances. In the foreseeable future, Malaysia has no prospects of walking out of the present politics on races.

Looking at the National Front, all the component parties are race-based. From UMNO, MCA, MIC to SUPP, the nuclei of the parties' struggle are on the bases of the respective racial groups' interests. Although certain parties are branded multi-racial, in essence they represent the groups that they are based on. For example, constitutionally SUPP is multi-racial, but it actual fact, it is primarily a Chinese-based party.

P212 Sibu cinstituency is a hotly contested seat, with Datuk Robert Lau, YB Wong Ho Leng and Robert Lim in a three-cornered fight.


Anonymous said...

Wong Ho Leng is a hypocrite.He critizes Lau Hui Chew a lot but he didn't say a single thing about Tiong Thai King.Why is that?Because he's a hypocrite and he has business dealings with Thai King's company.We all see that in order for your family owned company to survive,one of the members must be involved in politics.We see Thai King representing RH and Hoi Chew representing KTS.Hoi Chew is doing a good job...whereas Thai King,he's useless.He has no choice but to join politics in order to expand his business empire.

Anonymous said...

anonymous posting on the February 25, 2008 at 9:01 am could be an UMNO cybertrooper cover up. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

They say Sibu is a gangsters' town.

Tony Hii said...

Politics throughout the world has never been a thoroughly clean game!