Monday, February 18, 2008

General Election 2008 - A Forum On Election

We gathered in Meng Lei's office this afternoon for our weekly tea session. Besides the aromatic tea which made an excellent beverage, we were treated to Mr. Ling's refreshing tang sui with assorted ingredients and nuts.
As election is now a sizzling hot topic, we inevitably switched to it and soon landed ourselves in a heated but cordial forum on election.
From SUPP, DAP to PKR, we touched on the major aspects of the election issues, with key focus on Sarikei constituency, Ding Kwong Hiing, YB Wong Ho Leng, Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing and Universiti TAR.
We were tipped off with some insider's information which altogether made the chat over tea a lot more fun-filled.
PKR became one of the highlights. DAP and PKR are now fated to slash each other in the election, making a split of votes a very lamentable outcome. It is going to be a red ocean game for the two, giving SUPP every reason to laugh all the way to the polling station.
But, curiously, is there any underhand tactic involved?
The tea session ended with a toast to our candidates.


Anonymous said...

Barisan Nasional has so many successes already. Should give opportunities to others to enjoy. Why want to be so selfish and so greedy ?

Anonymous said...

Corruption is rampant in Malaysia,which is a sad thing.Even the election is rigged and BN always stay in power.We hear of vote buyings everytime during the election.That's why I am packing my stuffs,waving goodbye to tanahairku Malaysia and pledge my allegiance and loyalty to United States of America.Whenever national anthem Star Spangled Banner is being played,I will rise up and put my hand over my heart.
Whereas Negaraku has been a butt of jokes..Negarakuku.Malaysia sucks!

天鵝江畔 said...

I can't see there will be any obvious changing in this coming election. BN will sure firm hold more than 2/3 majority.
Last election the opposition got only 21 seats out of 219, if they enjoy this coming election with twice or triple victory, they can get only 63 seats, still can't break 1/3 of the whole parliment constituency.
Anyway as a Malaysian, although there are a lot of problems but so far our school is saver than America. We stay here we live here and we will die here!
We are all sojourner and backpacker!

Anonymous said...

Your school is saver than those in America?Yeah right,I bet if your country dont have gun control,u'd be probably dead by now,shot by some stupid Malay jackasses.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, but they talk about even stronger BN to run the country well.

Anonymous, political donations are openly rampant in the presidential election campaigns in the United States. These donors later become the invisible hands to rig the President in his major foreign policies and home affairs. If you check the past and present records of the States' presidents, you probably would understand better. If you wish, you may call it corruption also.

Meng Lei, BN would be voted in with two-third majority again. What they worry is a possible dilution in majority only.

The arms control in Malaysia has done the country proud. There is a lot of applause in foreign countries and more and more of them have expressed wish to follow our footsteps. Australia took it up about 8 years ago after more than 40 innocent people were killed in a restaurant. Noise is getting louder in USA to impose the same law.