Tuesday, February 19, 2008

General Election 2008 - DAP Versus PKR

If there is no last-minute breakthrough in the highest level of reconciliation, then DAP and PKR in Sarawak would for sure go to election slashing each other in certain Chinese-majority constituencies.

Both DAP and PKR are in opposition front, supposedly to stay united to confront BN in the coming election.

DAP has its power base mostly in Chinese-majority urban areas, whereas PKR's foothold is mainly in Malay-dominant constituencies. In West Malaysia, the division of seats is clear-cut and there is no fuss over it. But the situation is not so in Sarawak.

PKR has only scant presence in Sarawak and it is based in Chinese areas. The party vowed to field candidates in their so-called stronghold in the coming election. But the move would conflict with the interests of DAP since these Chinese-majority areas are the party's cream. As such, DAP would not let go any of the seven seats.

All negotiations failed flat and it is now almost certain that both would go to battle fields to kill each other off.

Conflict of interests has led DAP and PKR to the present deadlock. Although PKR may not garner enough support to outmatch DAP and SUPP to emerge a winner, the party would certainly split votes to the advantage of SUPP.

DAP versus PKR is one of the highlights you can't afford to miss. Stay tuned to the development for any possible explosive changes!

The picture shows Sarawak State PKR Liason Chief Dominique Ng.


Anonymous said...

Even in a little town like Sibu, you can see where the development is. It centers around the rich, the powerful, the influential. Those who are not rich, not powerful and not influential are neglected. The country cannot be run by a money minded political party. There has to be an opposition to control such a party. Whether it is the DAP, the PKR, the PAS; as long as it is an opposition party, it is very much needed. Without the opposition, the ruling party can do as it wishes and you will never know what is happenning to your blood and sweat earned money.

Yan said...

Hey, that's a nice pic of Dominique, how did you do it :)

"Patronized" Bamboo House yesterday - brought back some old feelings. Did not bring a camera to take a photo. Sigh. Hope to get one to blog about the nostalgia one day.

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, we need more Malays to be in the opposition front.

Yan, my thanks go to See Hua Daily News for the picture.

Thank you in advance for blogging about Bamboo House.