Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Land Issues - Part 2

Even if you have locked up your title deeds, your lands are not necessarily safe!
The Federal Court's precedent case has prompted a dramatic rise in land frauds!
Court of Appeal defied the ruling of Federal Court - a bold move by the honourable judge!

You may have locked up your title deeds, but your lands are not necessarily safe!

A Taiwanese businessman was dumbfounded to be notified that his land located at the golden triangle of KL with a market value of RM 10 million had been fraudulently transfered to a private limited company.

Even greater shock came was when the businessman failed to get the transfer deed requested, only to be told by Department of Land that the crucial document had been lost.

"I have never sought to transfer the ownership and I am still holding the original title deed," the disgruntled owner burst out.

The above is just a typical case of the now rampant land frauds, victimizing unsuspecting landowners in Malaysia. The rise notably set in after 2001, making it nightmarish for landowners.

A Federal Court's judgement in 2001 on a land fraud case prompted the dramatic increase in fraudulent land dealings. In the ruling, the judges gave their favour to the buyer who acquired the said land by way of using forged documents.

This judgement represents a dramatic shift of court protection from landowner to buyer in land frauds.

The judgement sets a precedent case and it has profound implications for land fraudulent cases. The crooked scamers have been taking full advantage of the loopholes to scheme on land cheating. It is not surprising since the judgement is very protective to them. That explains the worrisome rise.

Recently, a judge of Court of Appeal defied the precedent ruling and gave his favour to the landowner in a land fraudulent case. In his judgement , the judge denounced the precedent case as unjust. The honourable judge's boldness has been applauded loud and clear throughout the nation.

But, sadly, the Federal Court's precedent ruling remains a threat to landowners!

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