Monday, December 10, 2007

Land Issues - Part 1

Last year's state elections saw SUPP being severely bashed up by DAP in all Chinese-majority seats with 7 constituencies lost to the opposition.

One of the contributing factors was the land lease issue which majority of the Chinese voters have been vehemently concerned with. DAP vigorously capitalised on it, resulting in the voters, especially those of Chinese origin, to take their emotions to voting.

In the aftermath of the record defeat, SUPP took the issue up and vowed to work on it within the spirit of BN.

The recently released, albeit revised, land lease renewal premium rates came as a disappointment to rakyat. The revised rates are perceived to be still very burdensome to landowners . Especially tricky is that the rates are to be on the basis of market value, a point which casts uncertainty.

As such, the noise over the sticky issue is growing. In time to come, it is poised to burst into an election issue in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

DAP would certainly cling to it for maximum capital gains at the cruel expense of SUPP!

As nothing more promising is expected to be forthcoming on lease renewal rates, SUPP has every reason to take on the upcoming elections with extra caution.

Sim of SUPP and Chong of DAP have shown that the land lease renewal is definitely going to be a burning issue in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Stay tuned to it!


traveller said...

It is really sad. Such issue burnt into flame only right before election. Once election is over, it will cool down again. No parties are trying to solve our problems, but they want to capitalize on the problems for political gain. Both SUPP and DAP are like that; they are hopeless.

Tony Hii said...

They are all in the same field at opposite sides of it with different objectives playing a game called "politics".