Friday, December 21, 2007

Dong Zhi And Tangyuan - Part 3 (Final)

The luscious New York Cheese Cake - Happy Birthday, mom!
Before cutting the cake - let's have a shot first.
The succulent Hot Dish - we cast aside the health count for the time being.
Thereafter, we adjourned to a Christmas shopping spree!

Today (Dec. 22) is Dong Zhi and it calls for celebration according to Chinese culture. Traditionally, the festival is never complete without a family dinner.

My sisters decided days ago to fly back from Kuching this afternoon to celebrate mom's birthday in advance. Coincidentally it is on Dong Zhi, so it has become a perfect two-in-one occasion for our family this evening.

Dong Zhi seems to trend towards having family dining out for celebration. The traditional home-cooking dwindles with time and change of lifestyle.

Most of the restaurants in Sibu will do a bustling business tonight. I made reservation with Blue Splendour Restaurant at Wisma Sanyan, only to be told that the price has gone up in tandem with spiralling inflation, reasonably by 7%.

The dinner gathering was a wonderful occasion for us. What we treasured most was the reunion of our family in this cordial manner - the sentimentally- tied siblings with dear mom chatting joyfully over succulent foods.


tumi said...


Tony Hii said...

Tumi, she is Chui Hung, my third elder sister. Both of you were in the same class in the upper secobdary school. She appreciated your greetings. In return, my sister asked me to convey to you her Christmas wishes.

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