Sunday, December 23, 2007

Flooding Problem In Sibu

Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hit the nail on the head when he narrowed down the causes of the recent worsened flooding to unthoughtful planning, silted-up river beds and defective infrastructural systems.

Datuk Seri Abdullah truly voiced the deep-down feelings of Sibuians!

The recent worse-than-expected hit by an all-time-high flooding sparked off a round of explosive outburst of emotions, not to my surprise at all.

But our PM's outright pin-point to the root of the havoc contrasted starkly with certain minority whose mentality is still awkwardly ostrich-like.

Sibuians, let's all shout hurrah to Datuk Seri Abdullah!


天鵝江畔 said...

But the logging and the trees all gone cause the serious erosion and let Rajang River silted-up is the main reason; and better ask Pak Lah to grant more money to upgrade the infrastructural systems around Sibu.

Tony Hii said...

Meng Lei, our resource planning is another area of negligence.

Anonymous said...

I would not shout hurrah to Pak Lah. Why ? Because this problem has been in existent for monkey years and just because it is an election strategy, he mentions it like he mentions all the Little Napoleon thing. We are not stupid. One thing about Sibu is it has a lot of low profile millionaires and billionaires. Did Sibu develop out of these rich men's pockets or did Sibu develop out of the people's money ? My hunch is a lot of the things in Sibu comes from private pockets. That is why long existing problems are never solved. And the government does not want to touch these rich people because these rich people help the government financially. I don't think I am deviated in anyway. The Sibu people got their Christmas present in the form of a resurfaced road. Just think for a while. You dump the tar on. The load of the tar presses on to the road. The part that is not tarred is lower than the tarred part. The next flood comes, which part do you think will be flooded ? Re-tar and re-surface all through these years. How many more re-tar and re-surface do you think we need ? When there is a problem, you must take the root out. As long as the root is intact, the problem will continue to live on. Of course, realistically, what is so great about Sibu ? What is so great that the government wants to develop her ? My dear Tony. Sibu is not created just yesterday. Sibu is older than you and me. With this, I wish you, your half, your kids and your loved ones greetings of the season.

Anonymous said...


You are an idealist. :) I am a cynic. anonymous is a fatalist. hahah... i simplify matters too much.

With that I wish us all a Merry Christmas :)


Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, Bengbeng,

It is great that we are all very concerned about Sibu-our dear hometown. Let's all do what we can for it.

Merry Christmas!