Saturday, November 3, 2007

Visitation - a fellowship of love and care

Visitation is a fellowship of brotherly love and care.

We went on a visitation to MAF of Shiung En Church this evening to have a fellowship with them.

This is part of our programme to keep in warm touch with all the adult fellowships in the Sibu East District, through which we hope to knit up a better tie.

It was Sisters' Evening for MAF of Shiung En Church this evening. The highlight was a sharing by Pastor Catherina Liu Hie Ching on Philippians 2:1-8. The pastor encouraged all the fellowshippers to give bearing towards one another out of our lives in Christ Jesus.

After gathering, we had a light break during which there was lots of sharing on wonderful services in God's family. It was all sweetness in recollecting the past attachments to junior fellowships.

The memorable visitation ended with a group photo taken in the gathering hall.

The photo shows - Seating : Yii Yong Ling ( 3rd from left), Pastor Catherina Liu Hie Ching (centre). Standing: Kiu Soon Siong (2nd from left), Tony Hii (3rd from left), Ling Wang Kong (4th from left).

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