Friday, November 2, 2007

Inflation - it is painfully serious!

I was at my favourite kopitiam lazing away for a while over a cup of tehsi, taking it as a luxurious break.

Tehsi was as usual - hot and tasted creamy, much to my liking. It instantly took the bore away and rejuvenated the day!

The tokei kicked off with a fuss over the escalating food prices, saying it literally suffocated the folks. Later, the nearby mobile shop tokei joined in with a raised voice, blaming our government for not putting the volatile food prices within control.

The flared-up kopitiam talk did not take me by surprise at all. The spiralling prices have actually pressurised ordinary folks into suffering the so-called inflation-syndrome. They simply can't take it anymore - they are at the verge of bursting out.

The pinching prices have now made it a hot, hot chat in the town. It even stole away the limelight of our nation's first astronaut blasting off to space.

But ironically, our official CPI seems to suggest that the inflation is not painfully serious at all. "At 2% plus, our inflation is not of concern at all," the cheerleaders keep telling us.

Do you think so?


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There are more testing times lying ahead.