Monday, November 5, 2007

It's property party time in KL

Let's go cha-cha........yes, you are exactly right, it is property party time in KL. If you wish to have all the fun of it and grab at the great times, you just have to join in and cha-cha away to the tune.

The party is definitely still on. According to the latest issue of The Edge, the hot, hot music sends party-goers to boogie.

The issue is very engrossing. It covers extensively on The Edge Investment Forum on Real Estate 2007. It definitely provides a good read for investors who wish to seek diversification..

The forum was held on Oct. 27 in KL, focusing on the growing demand, wealth creation through investment in real estate and property hot spots in KL.

Much as I liked to fly over to take part, I couldn't make it due to tight personal commitments.

But, The Edge's coverage, comprehensive and interesting, is more than informative to bring readers to the forefront.

If you missed the tango in the earlier part of the party, then don't let cha-cha slip!

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