Monday, October 22, 2007

Kopitiam food prices - a pinch harder on Sibuians soon

Sibuians are set to feel more pain and a hard squeeze on their wallets as kopitiam brew to hike food prices in the wake of surging food prices globally.

Sibu Coffee Merchants' Association met to put their heads together to grind out new pricing for fried mee, kueh teoh, mee hoon, kampua, etc.

After much brainstorming, they put their hands together to put off jack-up to next year for fear of impacting the market . Wow! What a relief, albeit for the time being only.

As vehicles globally race hard with men for crops, poor Sibuians have to live with more pricey kampua in kopitiam. Haha! It is going to be a pinch harder to blah, blah in kopitiam soon.

Globally, the inching up commodity prices are almost a funk now. Err.....I would say nobody is to be spared the pinch.

Hei! Fellow Sibuians, don't blah otherwise! It is the global trend that squeezes our purses.

So, be smart in your spending from now onwards. The tide is definitely against us!

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