Sunday, October 21, 2007

The dilemma of SUPP

Eating out at kopitiam has long become a life style of Sibuians. Over a cup of kopi-o or a plate of kampua, they indulge in gossips, blah, crap, serious talks and so on. This has evolved into a Sibu culture and that explains the mushrooming of kopitiam.

Of late, the sizzling topic in kopitiam is on the candidate that SUPP is going to field for Sarikei constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sarikei constituency is very much bogged down by factious split. Added to the complexity is the highhanded manoeuvre by the dominant power.

The party's stand is clear - it is either Dato' Ting or Andrew Wong. But the muddling may any time set a dark horse to gallop across the field - and that would stir up a furore at the grassroots.

IF sentiments are let to run wild, it might turn the tide against BN in the coming general elections.

That is the present dilemma of SUPP - helplessly futile in facing up to dominance!

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