Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jackson Ting's "Against The Odds" - Part 1

Jackson Ting shines in his life insurance profession. I call it profession because life insurance career is now very much professionalised in Malaysia.

Actually, Jackson's success is much more than just his personal astounding achievements in the profession - it is his extraordinarily strong will fighting against the odds in his life that makes him stand tall, respectable and admirable.

And now, he put his personal life experiences into a book with the sole purpose of sharing with all those who have to face up to life challenges , hoping to motivate them to stand up to predicament. He invited Datuk Tiong Thai King , Chairman of SMC, to officiate the launching of his book entitled "Against The Odds" at Premier Hotel www.premierh.com.my .

I have known Jackson ever since we were classmates at Chung Cheng Secondary School in lower form. But little did I know about his odds-stricken life until Yian showed me Sept. 30 issue of Sin Chew Daily which carries a feature write-up on Jackson and his book.

The picture shows Jackson on stage before launching - he stands tall in fighting against the odds.

The reception counter at the entrance to the function hall - Jackson opens door to all those who have to face up to life challenges.
Jackson Ting's book entitled "Against The Odds" - it is for sharing only.

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