Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Four Play Band

I got hold of them when they came down for lunch at 15:00 in Cafe Palmelia.

As artistes, their daily life is a bit upside-down - they retire to bed at extremely late hours, get up at noon time, skip breakfast and take only brunch. This is typical of artistes' life style - to enthral audience at their personal sacrifice.

But, none the less, they have satisfaction in their work by entertaining audience on stage.

Tata,Mae, Tweety and Pet came together to form Four Play Band back in the Philippines . Now they are into their sixth month of formation and this is their very first overseas assignment.

When asked about Malaysia, they said they are adaptable to this place and the life style here generally.

Musically inclined and talented in singing, they are one of the major foreign reserve earners for their nation. In short, the Philippines exports human capital to contribute to the nation-building.

Coming in to replace the out-going New Creation Band and making their debut about two weeks ago, they are going to be here for three months by contract.

The picture shows Four Play Band in full costume. From left to right : Tata, Mae, Tweety and Pet.

I took a snapshot of them in Cafe Palmelia at their lunch table. Tweety (left) and Pet (right) are sisters.


traveller said...

Philippines sent a lot of maids overseas, from the Asian countries (Singapore, HK, Taiwan) to the Middle East. I am curious how they as Catholics are able to get used to the Muslim boss in the Middle East.

Many years back, Sibu used to get many Taiwanese girls to come to 'sing'. With time, I learned that they are not really the singers in Taiwan. However, when coming to Sibu, they automatically became and are treated as singers. What is this kind of discrimination against the local people?

Tony Hii said...

As far as I understand,the Muslim employers in the Middle East do not require their workers to follow their beliefs. Since Filipinos are adaptable, I strongly believe they have no problem to work in an environment with a different culture.

Filipino singers are truly talented in singing. Local talents have equal opportunity with appropriate cultivation and exposure.

There are also local bands available in the market,some with even higher standards, but their asking price is a lot higher.