Thursday, September 6, 2007

Budget 2008

Tomorrow our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi, who doubles as the Finance Minister
, shall present the much -awaited Malaysian Budget 2008 to the Parliament. Our eyes shall be on him and all ears shall be pulled long to listen to his speech. Wow! It is going to be exciting since it has been themed, albeit unofficially, an election -motived budget. As such, Malaysians in general have much to look forward to.
Is Santa Claus going to deliver goodies? Certainly - from the budget previews I have been following up, our Prime Minister is going to excite the whole nation with wow!
Budget 2008 appears to gear towards strengthening our domestic demand as a thrust to sustain our economic growth. If the United States is going to slip into recession, Malaysia has to find an alternative to fill up the growth components left vacant by USA. And naturally, domestic consumption is the best available boost to our economy.
When I was as a student at Monash University in Australia, I was also drawn into the excitement on the Australian budget day. I witnessed long queues at newsstands waiting eagerly, but patiently, for their turns to grab the special edition on budget. I was a bit late and had to face a "sold out" notice. I was very touched by their concern for the nation's budget.
Let's see what is our budget for 2008 going to be like tomorrow!
The above picture is downloaded from the website of PWC.

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